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RuggedMade plate compactors are long-lasting, reliable, and engineered to compact all kinds of material, including dirt, gravel, stone and asphalt. Some models can also be equipped with a urethane mat to protect bricks and pavers from chips and cracks, and wheel kits to make moving around the jobsite much easier. Whether you are a busy construction company that needs to use a compactor on every foundation and driveway, or just compacting for the occasional patio or walkway project, we have the right tool for the right job. Choose from our easy to transport, forward only models, great for tight spaces; or our large, heavy-duty, hydraulic reversible compactors, that can handle any tough job quickly and efficiently. No matter what your compaction needs are, renting over and over again does not make sense when you can buy a RuggedMade compactor that pays for itself after a few jobs!

  • PCR6040 Compactor

    Was: $4,899.00

    Now: $4,688.00

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