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RuggedMade Shipping Terms and Conditions

RuggedMade ships all products weighing more than 150 pounds by common carrier (truck freight). Once the product leaves our warehouse, the carrier assumes full responsibility for your freight, including damages and delivery time. Freight shipments typically take 5 to 10 business days. RuggedMade makes an effort to only work with reliable carriers. Nevertheless, carriers do not guarantee delivery dates. Delays may occur in certain situations, such as when shipping to remote destinations, during inclement weather, and around holidays. Therefore, RuggedMade is not responsible for estimated or scheduled delivery times made by the carrier. RuggedMade is not responsible for lost income, labor costs, equipment rental, or any other costs that may be associated with receiving your shipment.

These carrier companies use 53 foot long tractor trailers, which are designed to be loaded and unloaded from loading docks using pallet jacks and forklifts. Residential delivery with lift gate service is available as a premium option. We can also ship to a business at very competitive rates if the destination meets the criteria set out by the freight company. A third option is to pick up your shipment at the nearest carrier terminal (depot). Contact us for details about local terminal pickup.

Please make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions that apply to the type of shipping service you select, e.g., to a residence with lift gate, to a business, to a terminal, to a farm (carriers consider farms to be residential, see SHIPPING TO A FARM). Additional fees may apply if delivery cannot be completed per these terms.

Drivers cannot assist in the unloading of your item unless you have paid for lift gate service. With lift gate service, the driver is only obligated to place the item curbside at the end of the driveway (some drivers may place it in a more convenient location, but they are not obligated to re-position the item to a specific spot, such as in or near your garage.

If shipping to a business, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • There must not be a residence on the property.
  • The business should be open during normal business hours and there should always be someone available who can unload the item.
  • There must be a loading dock and/or a fork lift. A skid steer, e.g., Bobcat, with fork extensions is acceptable.
  • Access to the loading dock or unloading area must be unobstructed and accessible for a 53 foot tractor trailer.
  • The freight company will not call ahead to confirm time of delivery.

Shipping to a Farm

Farms are a unique category. Freight carriers do not consider farms to be businesses, even if there is equipment available that can unload the truck. If you wish to ship a product by freight carrier to a farm, please use Residential Delivery.

Remote Area / Out of Area Destination Fee

Freight companies charge additional fees to deliver to certain remote destinations. If you live in this type of area, please contact us for a custom shipping quote. If you do not disclose that you are in a remote area prior to the sale, we may be required to collect additional shipping fees that are calculated by the carrier's rating system by the zip code for your specific area before your item can ship. Some items may not be available to ship to some areas of some states. Delivery to Remote or Out of Area may still be possible (limited by carrier) if a surcharge is paid. If you know or suspect you live in an area that would prohibit access, like on an island, on a mountain, or in the middle of the desert, please call for a custom shipping quote. If you do not notify us before placing your order, and you are in a Remote Area, or Out of Area, we still may be able to set up delivery to your location if you pay the surcharge, and we will contact you to collect this fee before shipping can occur. An alternative to shipping to a Remote Area is picking your order up at the nearest freight terminal (call us for details). Remote / Out of Area surcharges are calculated by the carrier by zip code. Please allow 2-3 weeks more for delivery to remote areas.

Damage and/or Missing Items

All items purchased from RuggedMade are made pursuant to a shipment contract. The risk of loss for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier. RuggedMade is not responsible or liable for any damage arising from shipment. Please inspect your items before you sign the delivery receipt from the carrier. Once you sign the delivery receipt, you are responsible for filing a freight claim and arranging for a repair or return of the damaged goods. Do not sign for delivery if products show obvious signs of damage. If your product arrives damaged, you need to REFUSE DELIVERY and contact us immediately. We will process the damage claim. Occasionally, the outer packaging may look damaged, but the product inside is perfectly fine. If you suspect concealed damage, notate "Possible Freight Damage" on the delivery receipt while the driver is present. This way, if you discover later that the product is damaged, the remedy of your freight claim is less of a hassle for you.

California Air Resource Board (CARB) Compliance

Most of the engines that power RuggedMade products are CARB Compliant and can be shipped to California. We cannot ship products that do not meet CARB standards to California.

Alaska and Hawaii

If you live in one of these states, please call us for a custom shipping quote.


If you live in Canada, please call us for a custom shipping quote.

International Shipments

We currently only ship to Canada. We do not ship to other international destinations, including Puerto Rico. If you have a freight forwarder located within the United States, we can ship to them.

Address Change Fee

If you request changes to the delivery address after the item ships, a $50 re-consignment fee will apply to your order.

Free Shipping

RuggedMade does not offer free shipping. If we did, we would have to bundle that cost into the product price. We prefer to offer our products at incredibly low prices. To enjoy one of our products, you only pay the shipping cost necessary to get it to you.

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