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Splitter Parts

RuggedMade offers well-built and long-lasting parts to make your log splitter build experience even better. Replace your original blade with our 4-way blades and push plates, which fit a variety of log splitter makes and models, providing you with better performance. Our log catcher trays, mounted work tables, and 4-way and log stripper knock-off combos will all bring your splitter to the next level and a give you a more convenient overall experience. We carry a wide range of log splitter parts to get any job done and to keep your splitter up and running at maximum performance.

Whether you are looking for a replacement wheel or wheel cover, wing screws, support plates, motors, log splitter wedges, motor support shoes or virtually any other replacement part for the log splitters we carry, you can find it here.

  • Bolt Kit, Guide Plates

    Bolt Kit, Guide Plates

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